We can Provide you with Material which is Warranted for 5 Years, 3 Years and 1 Year in Writing.

  Primedia Sign Supply Company was established in the year of 2005, Our main office based in Amman - Jordan . We know the quality of our products will be the key success, accordingly we chose to be a distributor of well known products in the field of Digital Printing and Signage Industry.


Decades of experience and well know product in the market is seemee is brand name from Verseidag Indutex Germany. They provide us the full range of seemee, such as (seemee IV, seemee fronlit, seemee backlit, and seemee Mesh with the markets pupolar size upto a width of 5 meter. We distribute as well as Avery, Mactac, Afford Ink(Spain made), and Avecal Sticker.
We also stock the economy range of Verseidag product which is made in China and Korea branded as Primedia. We also stock Avecal Sticker, Avery for flat surfaces, Cast Acrylic, Blockout, front and backlit paper, Crew wipes, MSS ink made in USA for Vutek Machines.
The company has recently expanded warehouse and investment in the real estate sector in order to accommodate the largest possible degree of advertising requirements, as well as possession of a group of vehicles to provide clients with all necessary materials in time and as rapidly as possible in accordance with one of the most important principles and the provision and delivery of all the needs of its clients in all areas possible and as quickly as possible, as well as the company has attracted a wide range of products, advertising materials and the role of priests, printers and spare parts, printer heads, and specialized materials and solid foam and I bond and  plastic , knowing that our products have been used in major advertising campaigns of major companies in Jordan and the adoption of their products and advertisers have been used in addition to implementing many of the public institutions and governmental organizations concerned with these materials.

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